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Toprank Importers can buy a car from a Japanese auto auction for you. Toprank can also find cars from around the world, from private parties or dealerships, inspect, purchase, and ship to any location. From the US to Japan, Japan to the US. Europe to the US, Australia to the US. Japan to Australia. Toprank is your global, trusted source to buy vehicles worldwide.

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Looking for a car  that Toprank USA doesn't have in stock? Looking at a car that will be legal in the future? (How to Buy and Store an R34 GT-R in Japan until 2024 (http://toprankjdm.com/BuyR34 )We can help you find, buy, and legally import a vehicle to the USA. From Japan, to Australia, New Zealand, Europe, or anywhere else in the world.  Fill out the form below to get started, instructions are below. 

Toprank.Tokyo is an established Japanese car dealer and exporter, to make sourcing your imported vehicle easier and with more confidence than ever before. Topranks network covers Japan, Australia, Europe, and South America. With over 30 years experience in the import and export vehicle market our experts can globally source your dream car or assist you in finding the right car for you from our large inventory of imported vehicles already here in the US and ready for sale.

If the car is here in the US, we encourage potential buyers to come and inspect the vehicle, or send an inspector to examine the car before purchase. If the vehicle is overseas, we can arrange for an inspection, purchase, transport, and ship the vehicle to the US.  Before you buy some random, unknown, uninspected vehicle at auction, let us get it inspected for you. Not everything going though the Japanese auto auction, is something you want to purchase.  Many companies offering auction service are small, and don't have the ability to inspect both prior to purchase, and after purchase. Our PDI facility has the capability to both service and modifiy your newly auction, or private party purchased vehicle in Japan. 

How to buy a car that is not in our USA inventory:

1)     Pay $2,500 to access Japanese auctions going on every week. This $2500 fee applies to your first purchase.

2)     Fill out our vehicle request form..

3)     When you find a vehicle that you would like to purchase,  50% of your bid amount will be required to be transferred.

4)     When the vehicle is won, then the remaining balance will be due, before the car ships from Japan.

5)     Estimated total costs, in addition to the cost of the vehicle are $4500-$6500. 

Cost Breakdown:

1)     Cost of vehicle

2)     Auction fees (if purchased at auction)

3)     Inspection

4)     Local Japanese transportation

5)     Freight forwarder

6)     Customs broker

7)     2.5% tariff for cars, 25% for trucks

8)     Local transport in the US

Please contact Toprank Importers at 844-523-2233 or sales@importavehicle.com with any additional questions.

Toprank is a global vehicle dealer based in Japan, with worldwide locations



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