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Top Secret tuner: Skyline GT-R “650R” by Hagerty

Sean Morris Posted on June 7, 2021

Top Secret 650R imported to the US by Toprank Importers

Hagerty and MSN Autos just published an article about the Top Secret 650R R32 GT-R.  This car, purchased by our customer Reggie Draper, was imported to the US by Toprank Importers. 

“I wanted to ensure the car lived as Smoky Nagata art piece,” says Draper, “so I was determined to have him sign it. I color-matched gold metallic markers at Michaels … I then shipped these markers to Japan so Mr. Nagata would be able to sign it as close to his Top Secret gold color as possible. He signed under the hood, on the passenger side dash, and behind his driver side Recaro seat.”

Head over to the article to check out the pictures and story of this very unique R32 GT-R


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