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Road and Track : Skyline GT-R, the hard way

Sean Morris Posted on June 4, 2013

Road and Track Magazine R32 GT-R Show or Display

Sean Morris has become the master of Show and Display


Road and Track Magazine covers our importation of our 1990 Nissan Skyline GT-R NISMO, under the Show or Display exemption.  This article is from Jun 4, 2013, more than a year before the 1989 R32 GT-R turned 25 years old.  The first NISMO imported under Show or Display, were imported in December 2012. 


Sean Morris was born to win battles with mountains of paperwork and unenthusiastic transportation officials. His website, showordisplay.com, is the latest effort in a lifetime spent pursuing the cars we're not supposed to have. Call it the family business. Other Morris' export travel trailers to Australia and shipped American muscle to Japan while the island economy boomed. Maybe there's a genetic inclination toward patience as well as unburned hydrocarbons. It would have served well during the year-long wait for the GT-R's exemption to appear in the mail.

Chris Cantle shooting NISMO #500.

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