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I Drove a 750hp R34 GT-R : EvoMadi

Sean Morris Posted on April 3, 2020

EvoMadi drives an R34 GT-R

EvoMadi drives a MotoRex R34 that we sold to RentJDM in Las Vegas.  When Las Vegas eventually opens back up, they will be open, and this car will be one of dozens of JDM cars available for rent. 


I recently went to RentJdm in Las Vegas, NV to test drive some of the amazing cars they will be renting out to people this year! Due to Corona Virus they will be postponing their grand opening. Please contact them for any questions regarding these rentals in this series! @rentjdm Originally this was supposed to be one long video but the cars were so amazing I decided to make a couple videos out of all the footage I shot! I hope you enjoy today's video and look out for more coming soon! Follow: @rentjdm @evo.madi Merch | NEW MERCH COMING SOON http://www.endngrd.com


 If you are looking to buy an R34 GT-R at auction in Japan, or from a dealer, or from our inventory, we can help.  We can purchase a Nissan Skyline, or other car at auction for you, and import it to the US legally, when it is over 25 years old.  We have storage options available.  Learn more information about Japanese purchase.


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