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Sourcing Cars overseas and at Japanese Auto Auctions

Brian Jannusch Posted on July 26, 2018



At Toprank International Vehicle Importers we offer a ever changing and diverse inventory but we may not always have what you’re looking for, especially if it is not a JDM car we get a lot of requests for. Not seeing your imported dream car in our inventory? No problem, we would be happy to be your partner in finding you a car and importing it for you. 

As a licensed dealer in Japan we have the ability to find the classic Japanese or European imported car you’re looking for and not just though the Japanese car auctions. While finding cars at auction is often a good place to start, we are also able to consider dealer to dealer trades and purchases as well as foreign private party sales depending on the specifics and rarity of the car you’re looking for.

Here is how to get started

On our website www.importavehicle.com we have a tab marked “Find My Vehicle” that will allow you to start you’re search by entering what you are looking for. Once we have received your request, some one from our sales team will contact you to discuss the fine details of what you are looking for in that particular car which can be as general or specific as you’d like. 

We ask for a $2,500 deposit to start the search which is fully refundable at any time for any reason up until the point of us bidding on or purchasing a car. We will show you all the options we are able to find and provide you with as much information on the vehicle as we can get to help you make the best decision within your budget. 

If we are bidding on a car at auction on your behalf the cost is $100 per vehicle which comes out of the $2,500 deposit only if the vehicle is not won. Should you win the vehicle at auction there is no charge and the full $2,500 is applied to the vehicle’s purchase price. The cost of bidding on each vehicle is only deducted from the deposit should you end up requesting the deposit back and not what to pursue any other vehicles. 


If your deposit is $2,500 and we bid on 4 separate cars in the Japanese Auctions at your request and one of them is won, the full $2,500 would be applied to that purchase and you would not be charged the $100 for each of those 4 bids.

If your deposit is $2,500 and we bid on 4 separate cars in the Japanese Auctions at your request, non of them are won, and you wish to no longer pursue finding the vehicle you are looking for you would be refunded $2,100 of your $2,500

Auto Financing is not available though our lenders on cars over seas or at auction as the cars are not in the continental United States. If you are wanting a car overseas and are interested in financing we suggest you speak with your personal bank or credit union about a personal loan or line of credit that is not tied to the vin number of a specific vehicle. This is often call an “unsecured loan” or ‘unsecured line of credit” 

Please visit the “Find My Vehicle” tab at our website www.importavehicle.com to start your search. 

For more details please Email us at sales@importavehicle.com  or Call us at 844-523-2233

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