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Secrets of The Fastest Skyline GT-R Revealed - Plus Its Incredible Back Story

Sean Morris Posted on May 3, 2020

Worlds Quickest Nissan Skyline GT-R


This is a cool video from Andrew over at Motive DVD.  It shows the backstory of the Metro GT-R, the worlds quickest at 6.55@219 mph.  The amount of stock parts on this car is amazing. For all those people out there that want to change every piece of driveline and suspension, if this 6 second drag car can use stock parts, what are you doing to break them?


Anthony Maatouk gives us an exclusive look under, over and inside the world's quickest Skyline GT-R. We also see a personal side to Anthony as he tells us the tragic story behind the passing of its previous owners, Sam "Metro", and how that motivated the team to be number 1.

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