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R33 Nissan Skyline Radio Adapter Harness: Speakers

Sean Morris Posted on May 18, 2020

R33 GT-R radio delete


The only music needed, is made by the sweet sound of an RB26dett.  If you want a little more than just engine, road, and tire noise, then this is some of what you need to make that happen in your JDM Nissan Skyline.  The R33 have a single DIN slot in the center console.  The radios made for the Japanese market, which means they only work on frequencies from 76-90 mHZ.  So one choice, if you still have a Japanese radio and buy an adapter, you can get music from your mobile device to your headunit via a bluetooth device.  

One option if you have a working radio is a cigarette lighter bluetooth adapter. They work pretty well to get bluetooth music from your phone to the car speakers.


If you are putting a new US headunit in the car, then you will probably need a radio wire harness adapter. The R33- even the 1993 up cars all use this "1995 up - Nissan/Infiniti" harness.  If you look at the car side, you will notice it has much smaller pins than the R32 GT-R harness. 


 R33 GTS-t Double Din

Non GT-R R33 Skyline with a double DIN headunit




R33 Skyline speakers front door toprank importers


R33 Front Doors use a 6.5 inch speaker  Check out the Ultimate Interior Upgrade on Project R33 for some more information. 

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