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R33 GT-R Wheels : What Wheels Fit Best on an R33 GT-R?

Sean Morris Posted on July 17, 2020

What wheels fit on an R33 GT-R?

The OEM R33 GT-R wheel is an 17 x 9 +30 offset.  That means it has a 17 inch tire, on a 9 inch wide wheel. Offset is +30 which in the oddity that is cars, is a mm measurement. The higher that number is as in higher than 30 mm is 40 mm, the more in towards the suspension the wheels are. Most high offsets are front wheel drive cars.  A low offset, or negative offset means that the tire is more out towards the fender. An example of a lower offset than +30 would be +12 or +15, both are common R33 GT-R wheel offsets in a 9.5, 10, or 10.5 wide wheel.   

The stock R33 runs a 245/45/17 inch tire.  That is 245 mm wide, a 45 aspect ratio, and 17 fits on a 17 inch wheel. 

The stock R33 wheels come in at just over 22 lbs. They are a good strong wheel, with lots of brake caliper clearance. 

What wheels fit my R32 GT-R, and more information about the ancient craft of making larger wheels and tires fit. 

The R33 has the biggest fenderwells, and body of any of the R32, R33, or R34 GT-R.  You can fit fairly large, and fairly wide tires on an R33 with minimal modifications.

How to PROPERLY select and size TIRES for PERFORMANCE

When it comes to non stock sized wheels and tires, everything is some kind of compromise. Wether it be noise, modifications, cost, aerodynamic drag. 

The easy fit is always go with what Nismo/Nissan recommend. 

4030S-RSR46-BK Nismo Wheels for R33 or R34 GT-R

Nismo recommends a 18 x 9.5 +12 offset wheel, front and rear for a BCNR33 or BNR34.  Those wheels weigh in at 8.8 kg or 19.4 lbs each. To pair with those wheels they recommend a 265/35/18 inch tire.  

Big Bird R33 pulled over by Police in a Hummer

However it is very common to see an R33 on a 10.5 wide wheel similar offsets, 12 to 15 mm range, with a 275 or 285 width tire.  We have fit, and will be fitting some 18 x 11 inch wheels (if we can get what we want) with some 305 tires to one of our demo R33.  On that car we are willing to make some compromises with rolling fenders, and sizes, to get the maximum amount of tire under the car. 

Are you looking for an R33 Nissan Skyline GT-R buyers guide? 

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R33 GT-R on Volk TE37 wheels from Toprank Importers Your JDM car source




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