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Nissan Skyline Steering Wheel Bosses

Sean Morris Posted on May 18, 2020

Nissan Skyline Steering Wheel and Bosses

Steering wheel, pretty simple device right?  It takes your inputs and moves a steering shaft, steering rack, some other bits and pieces, and eventually moves the wheels/tires.  Most all of the early cars - R32 do not have airbags. There are a few cars with airbags, but not many.  Most of all the R32, including all the GT-R have Hicas, or four wheel steering.  Now the really tricky part, Nissan decided to change the zero position of the Hicas sensor.  We see this fault/error often. Very often with the R32 GT-R. People do not know or understand that two different bosses are required depending on if the car is early or late. 

If you install the wrong boss, or install the steering wheel off a tooth, on your Nissan Skyline GT-R with Hicas, you will often get a fault code/Hicas light after about 5 minutes of driving. The Hicas thinks that you are constantly turning, and will turn the light on.  Does your Hicas light turn on after five minutes of driving? 

More Hicas four wheel steering information is available here. 

R32 GT-R Steering Wheel with Hicas


All of the R33 GT-R steering wheels had an airbag on the drivers side. 1996 up cars had driver and passenger airbags. 


R33 early airbag steering wheel

Model Airbag Cruise Control Notes HKB Boss
R32 Skyline Normal     No Hicas ON-07
R32 Skyline    X   ON-102
R32 Skyline (Early)   X   ON-111
R32 Skyline (Late)   X   ON-112
R32 Skyline GT-R (Early)     Hicas ON-110
R32 Skyline GT-R(Late)     Hicas ON-115
R33 Skyline     No Hicas ON-175
R33 Skyline     Hicas ON-177
R33 Skyline   X Cruise ON-208
R33 Skyline GT-R (Early) X   Airbag ON-203
R33 Skyline GT-R (Middle) X   Dual Airbag ON-204
R34 Skyline     Auto ON-229
R34 Skyline GT-R X   Dual Airbag ON-228













More HKBsports hub information. http://hkbsports.com/product/boss/nissan/nissan.html

As you can see, there are at least a dozen different hubs. You can obviously make nearly anything work, for any car, but you will have to make some compromises to do that. 

Impul 913 steering wheel 

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