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Nismo Ducts For R32 GT-R : Why Are They Crooked? : N1 Intercooler Ducts

Sean Morris Posted on April 30, 2020
Nismo intercooler ducts in an R32 GT-R #500
Nismo intercooler ducts for an R32 GT-R. The first car to get them, was the limited, homologation special version of the R32 GT-R, first sold in 1990.  They are often referred to as N1 ducts, as the N1 cars also got them, but the N1 cars came later than the Nismos. 
We have seen a lot of Nismo's.  Several dozen, and even though you don't know 100% of a vehicles history, most all of the OEM installed ducts we have seen, have been crooked. They all have some kind of twist to them.   If the ducts are straight it is most likely they were done later.  Most likely the originals were all hand done off a template, so they could be up or down. Sort of one of those weird nitpicky things, that people ask you about the cars, but it is the way they were. 
These were popular parts to add to cars, as they do open up direct airflow to the intercooler, and by air path, also the radiator.  They were a very common item to be added to cars. 
Nismo R32 GT-R For Sale
Nismo R32 GT-R For Sale
Nismo R32 GT-R on the Cover of Hemmings


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Group A Machine GT-R Nismo

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Normal Ducks, and NACA ducts.  The Nismo ducts are not NACA ducts, but the R34 and R35 both have NACA ducts


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