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Japanese (JDM) cars US legal in 2021

Sean Morris Posted on October 26, 2020

Midnight Purple R33 Nissan Skyline GT-R Toprank Importers

R34 GT-R still don't turn 25 years old until 2024. R33 GT-R however are legal as 1995 and 1996 cars in 2021. 

Vehicles produced in 1996, start to turn 25 years old in 2021. Here is a partial list of cars, varients, and others that are legal to import to the US starting in 2021.  Some cars, like the 1996 R33 GT-R had a few changes for the series 2 car, others like the Toyota Classic, were so rare and weird, we may never see one. 


Toyota Classic US legal JDM car in 2021

It feels like we have to lead with the Toyota Classic. Underneath its a Toyota Hilux, 4 cylinder, automatic. 96 horsepower. Toyota supposedly sold 100 of them at $75,000 each.  Car Sensor

Mitsuoka Galue

If we are going to start weird, lets just be weird.  Mitsuoka Galue . RB20E powered.  Wonder if any have an RB26 swap? 


Renault Sport Spider

Now for something with a little more Euro, or French flavor, the Renault Sport Spider. Aproximately 1800 cars were made 1996-1999. 

TVR Cerbera

The TVR Cerbera was made from 1996 to 2006. Available with an inline 6 cylinder or V8 engine. 


Honda Step Wagon


The Honda Stepwgn was first sold starting in May of 1996. Based on the Civic with a B20B engine and an automatic transmission. 


Daihatsu Midget II

The Daihatsu Midget II is a kei vehicle witha  660 cc engine. 



These are just a few of the over 25 year old vehicles that are already available, or that will be available starting in 2021.  

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