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Japanese Classics Turning 25 Years Old in 2018

Sean Morris Posted on July 19, 2018

R33 GTS-t 4 door legal japanese classic starting August 2018


We are over half way into 2018 already. Here is a list of classic Japanese cars that are turning 25 years old, or have turned 25 years old in 2018.  At 25 years old a vehicle is exempt from NHTSA requirements.  At 21 years old in original configuration, a vehicle is EPA exempt. If you are in California or Hawaii, you have your own whole set of rules and regulations to deal with.

California - http://www.importavehicle.info/2013/04/direct-import-vehicles-1975-or-newer.html


Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution I Sep 1992 = Sep 2017

Subaru WRX GC8A  Nov 1992 = Nov 2017

Toyota Supra MKIV - JZA80 - April 1993 = April 2018

Nissan Skyline R33 GTS and GTS-T - Aug 1993 = Aug 2018

Nissan Silvia S14  Oct 1993 = Oct 2018

R33 available at Toprank ImportersR33 GT-R

Toyota Supra JDM legally imported to the USAJay Leno and Cody Walker with a JDM Supra imported legally

Toyota Supra Production Dates: Japanese import

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