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How much does a Nissan Skyline engine weigh? RB26

Sean Morris Posted on April 7, 2020

RB26 weight How much does a Skyline engine weigh

The RB26 is a fairly large engine. It is an inline 6 cylinder, 86 mm bore, 73.7 mm stroke, iron block.  The block has a main cap girdle. Then you have a big aluminum head, and a cast oil pan, with the front differential in it.  On the cold side, you have a collector, 3 sets of 2 throttle bodies, and a plenum. On the hot side you have two cast exhaust manifolds, two turbochargers, related inlet piping, cast outlets on the R32, and R33 GT-R. 

When we weighed a RB26 engine as seperate parts, we came up with 406 lbs. This is still missing lots of bits and pieces . All the intake manifold stuff , the throttle bodies , sensors , oil cooler .Lines , Inlet piping , coil pack , belts , flywheel/clutch.

The RB25 came in at 417 lbs with all the parts.   The VR38 or R35 engine, came in fully dress at 608 lbs. 

Rb26 in a Mustang

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