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Financing an Imported JDM Car in the USA

Sean Morris Posted on February 9, 2020

Financing your dream JDM car - MotoRex R34

Cars are a big financial decision that most of us have to finance. Here is how many of our customers finance their Import JDM Car like the R32 Nissan Skyline GT-R and how you can do the same.

Understanding car financing can be difficult but we work with lenders that make the process as easy and transparent as possible.

We offer third party financing with 10% down. For best results we say a 650 or better on the credit score and some history of making payments on another loan. Interest rates are typically between 5.9% and 8% for up to 6 years, rates and terms are dependent on the results of your application.



Email us at sales@importavehicle.com if you’d like an application or would like to talk more about the options.

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