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Building the FINEST R32 GTR in the World ? Built By Legends; Tasteful JDM Resto-Mods | JDM Masters

Sean Morris Posted on April 17, 2021

Building the FINEST R32 GTR in the World ? Built By Legends

The Built by Legends R32 GT-R will be headed to the US soon. Look for it coming up middle of 2021. 

In this episode, we meet the people behind the new project of making perhaps the finest JDM restomod cars from Japan. Built by Legends. 


This is a new project that aims to produce high quality cars with input and engineering with some of the most wel known ‘legends’ in the Japanese tuning and manufacturing industry. The methods incorporates a blend of modern techniques and materials while retaining the original spirit and feel of the cars with a focus to restore and recreate tuning cars that have the deepest impression with JDM car enthusiasts. The brain child of 2 men who were the original producers behind GT Channel Masaharu Kuji and Katsu Takahashi, their passion and dedication for JDM culture takes form in these first 2 project cars with the full cooperation and partnership with Spoon Sports and Mines to produce the Built by Legends EG6 Civic SiR and Skyline GT-R BNR32. Join us as we speak to them highlighting the concept and work done on the almost ready BNR32 in their garage. Follow us on IG: @jdmmastersofficial

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00:00 Introduction 00:20 Intro 02:12 Builtbylegends background 04:33 Philosophy 06:48 R32 GTR Built 08:48 Special Seats/Motifs 11:28 Fabric Factory 12:53 Built Concept 14:32 Future Plans 15:39 Common passions 19:20 Closing 20:11 Thank you!

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