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Autech 4 Door R32 RB26DE

Sean Morris Posted on February 3, 2021

Autech R32 Sedan RB26 for sale at Toprank Importers

Autech was founded in 1986 as a subsidary of Nissan to tune and convert Nissan cars.  The cars converted by Autech are sold through Nissan dealerships in Japan.  Over the years Autech has built a number of specialty vehicles, and currently they make vehicles more usable to people. Which includes handicap conversions, and work use vehicles. 

Autech NV350 handicap caravan in Japan

Autechs first president was Shinichiro Sakurai, who worked at Prince starting in 1952. He worked on the first generation Prince Skyline (later becoming the Prince Skyline).   The Real Face of Mr. Skyline at NissanNews.com

A few of the notable Autech cars are :

  • Skyline Autech Version (BNR32 four-door)
  • Skyline GT-R Autech Version 40th Anniversary (BCNR33 four-door) made in 1998
  • Silvia Autech Version K's MF-T (S14)
  • Pulsar GTi-R (N14), 31 units to date have been recorded
  • Pulsar Serie Autech (HN15), made in 1996
  • Pulsar Serie 3DOOR Hatchback VZ-R N1 version II (JN15)
  • Stagea Autech Version 260RS (WC34) made in 1996-2001
  • Stagea Autech AXIS 350S (HM35) made in 2003-04
  • Silvia S15 N/A Autech Version
  • Silvia Varietta - S15 N/A convertible hard-top Autech Version
  • Fairlady Z (Z33) Nismo 380RS (JDM)

There were 201 Autech versions of the R32 built. This unique 4 door sedan was taken off the production line, modified at Autech and sold at dealerships in Japan. They are all JK0 paint code with an RB26 normally aspirated engine, all wheel drive, and an automatic.

This unique Autech Nissan Skyline Sedan is in the US and coming up for sale soon at Toprank Importers.  For more information about this vehicle, please call or email at 844-523-2233 sales@importavehicle.com
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Autech R32 Nissan Skyline sedan for sale by Toprank Importers

Autech R32 Nissan Skyline sedan for sale by Toprank Importers

Autech R32 Nissan Skyline sedan for sale by Toprank Importers

Autech R32 Sedan RB26 for sale at Toprank Importers

1992 Nissan Skyline AUTECH


Automatic Transmission

ATTESA all wheel drive

(RHD) Right Hand Drive

125,502km/77,983miles (Original)

More information about the Autech - http://gtr-registry.com/en-r32-skyline26-autech.php



New Spark Plug

New Battery

New Fuel Filter

New Air Cleaner Filter

New Tie Rod End x 2 (Front)

New Front Ball Joint x 4 (Lower in&out)

New Rear Tie Rod Sockets Assy x 2 (L&R)

New HICAS Hose x 3

New Wiper Blade x 3

Service or Repair/done

Engine Oil & Filter (Wako's Pro Stage 10w-40)

MT Oil (Wako's RG)

Diff Oil (Front & Rear) (Wako's RG)

Transfer Oil (Wako's Type3)

Engine Coolant (LLC)

Brake Fluid (DOT-4)


Re-Charge R134an A/C Gas



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